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DIRTT is interior construction powered by technology. Resilient modular interiors are built faster, cleaner, and more sustainably with DIRTT. We use our proprietary ICE® software to empower the design process, manufacture with precision, and rapidly install customized spaces. Our construction systems are designed to deliver long-term value and flexibility. Visit DIRTT.com

Why more architects are opting for prefab for interior space

A watershed moment for industrialized construction: DIRTT shares why more architects are opting for prefab for interior space.

Designing for neurodiversity builds healthier workplaces for all

DIRTT shares three key design elements that can enhance workspace conditions, making them more inclusive and welcoming for all.

Maximum flexibility, minimum hassle: Space as a service (SPaaS)

DIRTT explores Space as a service (SPaaS) and how it will impact the future of work. 

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