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Elina Cardet

Elina Cardet is an award-winning architect and designer with extensive global experience, and is renowned for her integrative approach to civic, cultural, workplace, hospitality, residential, and education projects. Her designs are not only socially and environmentally innovative but also crafted to create truly immersive and unforgettable experiences. Cardet’s work is recognized for her thoughtful balance of applied technology and artistic execution, and is characterized by a timeless sense of modernity, meeting the diverse needs of clients with visionary solutions that embrace the future. As a design leader and Principal at Arcadis, Cardet brings a collaborative approach to generating future-ready solutions. With a focus on Workplace’s design excellence, Cardet is continuing to grow the business and helping lead the design across other practice areas. Her relentless commitment to human-centric design, innovation, regenerative design, sustainability, and socially responsible solutions, position her as an inspiring force for positive change within the industry architecture and design industry.

Elevating Workplace Design: Fostering Emotional Connections in the Post-Pandemic Era

Elina Cardet of Arcadis explores how to entice teams back to the office through emotionally evocative design.

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