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Emma Ascott

Emma Ascott is a contributing writer for Allwork.Space based in Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated from Walter Cronkite at Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication in 2021. Emma has written about a multitude of topics, such as the future of work, politics, social justice, money, tech, government meetings, breaking news and healthcare.

More Businesses Are Moving Toward A Four-Day Work Week

Even if the government does not mandate it, in the wake of the Great Resignation, organizations might want to embrace the four-day week as a way of retaining staff and attracting new talent.

Why Leaders Should Re-Evaluate Their DEI Retention Strategies

For companies who are hoping to shift from the Great Resignation to the Great Retention, it's time to re-evaluate DEI retention strategies. 

Gen Z’s Career Expectations Are Shifting: Here’s What You Need To Know

A study has revealed Gen Z as a generation driven by status and social impact above salary and benefits. Allwork.Space provides some tips for employers to create work environments for Gen Z employees to thrive.  

7 Sustainable Work Design Brands For The Eco-Conscious Worker

Whether working from home or the office, Allwork.Space shares 7 work design and furniture brands that are not only visually pleasing, but also less harmful for the environment.

Natural Light Has The Biggest Impact On Workers’ Wellbeing

Allwork.Space reports that 78% of employees say that access to natural light and views improves their overall happiness and wellbeing.

10 Things You Need To Know About The Metaverse

To understand how it works, Allwork.Space shares 10 things you need to know about the metaverse and how it relates to the future of work. 

Sustainable Practices Pay Off. Here’s How Coworking Spaces Can Become More Sustainable

Allwork.Space shares strategies to make coworking spaces more sustainable including the use of solar panels, recycling, and curbing office equipment consumption.  

What Impact Would The 4-Day Workweek Have On Commercial Real Estate?

Underutilized real estate leads to millions of dollars wasted each year; with the 4-day workweek gaining traction, CRE investors and landlords could lose millions in underutilized space.

Green Goes Mainstream (And It’s Totally Worth The Investment)

As investors and occupiers become more knowledgeable about and concerned with the environmental and social impacts of the built environment, Allwork.Space shares why buildings with better sustainability credentials will have increased marketability.

Are We Finally Leaving the Wasteful Linear Economy Behind?

Studies show the linear economy is completely unsustainable. Allwork.Space shares how the circular economy is less wasteful in a post-COVID world.

5G Will Unleash The Power Of Connected Workspaces And Save Businesses Money, Here’s How

The eventual combination of 5G and AR/VR could help remote workers feel completely immersed in a team meeting or collaborative environment, which will allow for even more people to enter and thrive in the remote workforce.

Future of Work: Landlords Need To Start Leveraging the Power of AI, Here’s Why

Powered by tech and with the use of AI, landlords and property teams can expand their boundaries in order to provide corporate tenants with a truly flexible workspace.

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