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Emma Ascott

Emma Ascott is a contributing writer for Allwork.Space based in Phoenix, Arizona. She graduated from Walter Cronkite at Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communication in 2021. Emma has written about a multitude of topics, such as the future of work, politics, social justice, money, tech, government meetings, breaking news and healthcare.

75% Of Business Leaders Lack Data Needed For Crucial CRE Decisions

Three out of four business leaders say they lack utilization and space data to make informed decisions about their commercial real estate/workplace needs, but this is exactly the data that they need in order to retain employees.

Four Days Is Enough

Allwork.Space reports that one new UK study might help convince companies that a four-day workweek is the way of the future.

City-Sized Buildings Are On The Way. How Will The Line Change The Future Of Work?

Construction has started on city-sized building The Line. It could be one of the most advanced, high-tech environments that’s ever been designed, but will it be conducive to work success?

Coworking Spaces Embrace Luxury To Woo New, Stable Clients

WeWork recently announced its Executive Suite launch — a new offering geared toward law offices, corporate clients, and other firms.

The Office Space Sector Is Projected To See A Strong Fourth Quarter In 2022

The office space sector will most likely see a strong fourth quarter in 2022 — but the rise in interest rates might put a roadblock in the market’s momentum.

Tips To Achieve Sustainable Biophilic Design Vs. Greenwashed Aesthetics

Allwork.Space offers these three tips for organizations that wish to implement biophilic design practices.

The Great Rebalance: Why Losing Female Employees Hurts Everyone

Now that many women are heading back into the workforce, Allwork.Space shares why it's critical for employers to listen in their hiring and retention efforts.

The Future Of Work Is Inclusive

Having honest conversations and taking meaningful action to support DE&I is a necessary step for any organization looking to succeed and retain talent.

The Outdoor Office Is Here To Stay: How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living (And Work) Room

Many homeowners depend on outdoor areas to provide an extension of living space, a peaceful retreat, a connection to nature, and now - a place to work. 

Here’s Why Taking A Stand On Diversity Matters For Companies

Entities, brands and companies alike should ask themselves what their motivation is when openly showing support or creating diversity/pride themed products and campaigns.

What Can We Expect For The Future Of Office Occupancy?

Changes in how Americans work could have long-lasting implications on tax revenues in cities with significant numbers of commuters, according to the Pew Research Center.

Is TikTok Gen Z’s LinkedIn?

As more Gen Z'ers are joining the workforce, they're turning to TikTok as a place to find jobs and post video resumes.

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