WORKTECH 11 – The Future of the Workplace

What exactly do we know about the future of the workplace? Sabret Flocos and Bob Fox, principles at FOX Architects, recently attended Worktech 11 in New York City. There — alongside more than 200 professionals from real estate, facilities, technology, architecture, design, and management — they joined in a forum to discuss the future of work, the workplace, technology, and innovation.

And here–â„¢s what they learned.

NeoCon 2011: Sneak Peek at New Products (Part I)

Manufacturers worldwide unveil their hottest new creations each year at NeoCon 2011, and this year’s extravaganza in Chicago will be no different.

So get a quick, 2011 NeoCon preview by checking out Part I of this product sneak peek and see what Martin Brattrud, Davis, and Herman Miller are planning to unveil in Chicago.

The IPD Process: What the Heck is It?

FOX Architects recently completed a project with Balfour Beatty Construction for their new offices in Fairfax, Virg., by way of the IPD process.

What is IPD, you ask? How does it benefit the project in the long run?

I had those very same questions and went straight to the sources, Nicole Antil- Sr. Project Designer and Genelle McDonald- Chief Estimator for Balfour Beatty Construction. Read on and find out what they had to say about IPD.