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Erin McDannald

Erin McDannald, CEO and co-owner of Lighting Environments and its sister company, Environments, has been guiding clients throughout the entire lighting design and construction process for over two decades. Trained as an interior designer, McDannald joined Baltimore’s New Design Light firm in the sales department in 2003 before becoming co-owner in 2009. Under her leadership, the company was rebranded to Lighting Environments to reflect the company’s expansion into lighting technology offerings for all built environments. Now a pioneer for IoT integration, metaverse, and building and workplace management, McDannald is leading today’s workforce through powerful digital transformation with Environments’ Workplace of the Future solution. McDannald recently participated in The New York Times 2022 World Economic Forum Debate, arguing against the metaverse being the “opium of the masses”.

Paving the Way for the Future of the Workplace with the Metaverse

Environments' Erin McDannald shares why expanding business into the metaverse is one of the most innovative ways to adapt within the hybrid work era.

2023 Trends: Optimizing Office Space With Smart Technology

Erin McDannald of Environments shares how smart technology, utilized in a few key ways, can positively transform the future of work.

Keeping the Office Collaboration Alive in The Metaverse

Erin McDannald of Environments explores how metaverse environments will prove to be a versatile solution in hybrid workplaces.

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