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Fernanda Ruelas

Fernanda Ruelas brings a multicultural perspective to her role as Studio Director at Legeard Studio. Having grown up in Mexico, she studied Architecture and Urbanism at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and lived abroad in Florence and Barcelona.  After graduating, she moved to New York and received certificates in Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Digital Marketing at Parsons School of Design where she developed her passion as a designer. As Studio Director, Fernanda is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the design process in the New York City office, including coordinating with clients, team members, and consultants, as well as managing the development of all project materials. She’s passionate about design and art, materializing concepts and ideas in a creative way to foster connections and collaborate with people to understand that design is at its best when multiple mentalities come together.

Emotion’s Leading Role in Designing Positive Workplace Interiors

Fernanda Ruelas of Legeard Studio shares some human-focused design tips and ideas for creating a positive workplace experience. 

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