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Gary Miciunas

Gary Miciunas is an Associate Principal and Director of Strategy at Cuningham.

Thinking Beyond COVID: Designing Future-Ready Workplaces Today

Cuningham's Gary Miciunas maps out four scenarios to help organizations reimagine how their workplaces might evolve as the future of office unfolds.

Applying Software to the Workplace Experience Journey

Cuningham’s Work Studio has created a journey map to diagram the relationships between work and place, and to identify where software can facilitate data collection about workforce utilization patterns.

Cross-Sector Trends Influencing the Workplace Experience

We recently caught up with NELSON’s Gary Miciunas and Rob Depp as they gear up to present the “Cross-Sector Trends Influencing the Workplace Experience” via an upcoming webinar.

Riding the Wave of the Contingent Workforce

How design and innovation are transforming work at the SAP Fieldglass HQ.

Freedom and Choice in the New Workplace

Gary Miciunas explores the behavioral science that may help make more choice in the workplace work for you.

Change Management and Your Workplace Transformation

How to change physical space and human behavior in the creation of new work environments.

A New Set of Metrics for High-Performance Workspaces

From the archives: Gary Miciunas's fresh take on measuring the workplace, a primer for Thursday's webinar, "The Relationship Between Office Design and How People Work."

CoWhat? Workspace Design Models, Part 2

Here in Part 2, we identify three coworking design patterns that are also reshaping the corporate workplace. Workspace designers must understand these patterns of coworking behavior and design as a reflection of broader workplace trends.

CoWhat? Workspace Design Models, Part 1

This is part 1 of a 2-part series addressing the operational considerations for developing a shared-work environment. Part 2 will consider associated design themes.

5 Stages of Flexwork Adoption

Flexwork enables employees to choose how, when, and where they do their best work. This new way of working shifts the focus from management-directed, site-specific ways of working to team-directed approaches where compensation is based on work outcomes instead of time spent.

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