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Gemma Church

Gemma is "the freelance writer who gets tech" and AllWork's Associate Editor for Technology and Innovation. A UK-based specialist journalist, blogger and copywriter in the science and technology sectors, Gemma's USP is that she's worked in the science and tech fields she specialises in, so has a unique level of experience that most other writers cannot offer. These insights form the basis of her articles where she investigates the latest technical innovations and their impact on the coworking world.

Six Steps To Start A Coworking Center In The Metaverse

Creating a coworking center in the metaverse isn’t as complicated as it may seem — it’s the operation that gets tricky.

What Is The Quantum Internet And Its Impact On The Future Of Work?

Just as the internet revolutionized the world of work decades ago, the quantum internet will also make a significant mark in the future of work. Its applications for security alone could be transformative.

Would You Give Your Staff The ‘Immersive Treatment’?

Immersive technologies are finding their feet in the future of work. Tech writer Gemma Church explores how immersive technology is starting to impact the world of recruitment.

Revealed: The 5 Real Workplace Tech Trends For 2022

Allwork.Space shares Tech Trends for 2022: AI is predicted to help HR professionals streamline the hiring process, and more.

Here’s Why The World Of Work Could Be The Perfect Environment To Introduce The Metaverse To The Masses

The metaverse is where VR and AR could finally get their moment in the Sun, after years of languishing in the tech doldrums.

Post-COVID, What Tech Actually Matters for Workspaces?

Touchless access and occupancy management are key technologies, but operators must prepare for hybrid working models. Tech writer Gemma Church spoke with various workspace operators and suppliers to find out what solutions work for their members and workspaces.

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