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Jamie Orr

Jamie Orr, PhD is the cofounder of Jellyswitch, enabling the best possible experience for your flexible workspace. She also co-founded Cowork Tahoe, situated on the shores of beautiful Lake Tahoe. When not helping grow the flexible workspace movement, she is likely offering unsolicited science fun facts or chasing her two daughters on the mountain trails.

Say Hello to the Age of The Mobile Office

Remote work is here to stay, and some people are taking the concept to the extreme. Some workers have taken their new found ability to work from anywhere as an opportunity to try the digital nomad lifestyle.

Creating the Right Spaces for Your Post-Pandemic Workplace

Re-designing your space for activity-based working can improve the workplace experience by better meeting the needs of your people. This article was originally published by...

How Art Can Have A Transformative Effect On Your Workplace Community

Being in the presence of art, particularly fine artworks, has been shown to benefit workers by doing everything from reducing stress and boosting creativity. 

Supporting Women in the Workplace Through Inclusive Design

The pandemic has disproportionately challenged women, but there are ways to create a more inclusive workplace to support female entrepreneurs.

Welcome To the Distributed Age: How To Make Remote Work, Work

Jamie Orr provides key strategies from ‘Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart’ by John O’Duinn, including the ultimate takeaway: think big, but take relentless baby steps.

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