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Jan Johnson

Jan Johnson is a workplace strategist and designer. She is vice president of workplace strategy at Allsteel | Gunlocke, former chair of the Council for Interior Design Accreditation and teaches the three MCR.w classes for CoreNet Global.

The Old Office is Dead. Long Live the Intentionally Human-Centered Office.

Jan Johnson and Kelly Colón share 6 key factors that will enable organizations to migrate from the past office-centric workplace to a human-centered workplace.

How Place Can Help Us Think Better

Jan Johnson of Allsteel draws on the book "The Extended Mind" to share how can we thoughtfully apply social sciences to improve the experiences of people at work. 

NeoConnect Presents Jan Johnson and Jeff Leitner

In partnership with NeoCon, this is the first in a series collaborations with originally scheduled NeoCon 2020 presenters. As the world has turned upside down...

Five Principles for Promoting Acoustic Comfort in the Workplace

Allsteel shares their top five ways of dealing with noise in the office.

Balancing Efficiency with Effectiveness

As we search for both efficiency and effectiveness opportunities, we can look at both "demand" -- in truly understanding what people need to do their work -- and "supply" savings in the way space and furniture are planned and managed over time.

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