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Jon Muller

Jon Muller is and engineer and the founder of Ergonomic Trends where he blogs about ergonomics, office productivity, and ways to stay healthy at the office.

A HR Guide to the Great Resignation

This guide by Jon Muller of Ergonomic Trends will break down what the Great Resignation is and what HR managers can do to reverse the tide.

The 3 Biggest Coworking Trends Shaping up for 2022

Jon Muller of Ergonomic Trends shares 3 of the biggest coworking trends shaping the industry as we head into Q4 of 2021 and 2022.

Coworking Space Development Trends to Expect in 2020

Here are the six of the most important trends shaping coworking spaces as we head into 2020.

As Remote Working Takes Off, So Do Coliving Spaces

Here are seven lively coliving spaces from around the world that will inspire you to hopefully give this revolutionary concept a try yourself sometime soon.

A Look at the Rise of Women Only Coworking Spaces

With a rise in the numbers of coworking spaces catered exclusively to women, check out a few of the high-profile and what they have to offer.

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