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Kate Tattersfield

London-based lit zine enthusiast, music lover and freelance writer specializing in the flexible workspace industry. Get in touch with Kate at [email protected].

Using IoT Tech Is Crucial For Office Planning And Employee Health

IoT technologies can provide key data to help organizations design their offices better — and boost employee health at the same time.

Living Buildings Are On The Way

The next iteration of biophilic design will center on living buildings, such as green spaces that symbiose with the natural environment.

The Future Of Our Offices — And Our Planet — Hinges On The Real Estate Industry’s Priorities

Real estate players who ignore net zero are putting their capital — not to mention the planet — at risk.

Start Sweating It: The Future Of Work Will Be Too Hot For Some Businesses To Handle

Heat waves will inevitably continue, leading to a host of problems for employers related to infrastructure, business continuity strategy, remote workers and net zero goals. Now is the time to safeguard the health and productivity of your team.

Could 3D Printing Be The Future Of Sustainable Workspace Design?

Allwork.Space spoke with Michael Fried, the CEO of Bene, to learn about their approach to sustainable, circular design through biodegradable materials and 3D printing – which has been more than two centuries in the making.

How To Design A Flexible Workspace That Supports Wellness

Wellness is “front and centre” of the flexible work ecosystem’s consciousness right now. Allwork.Space explores why it's important and how to achieve it.

How Can Workspaces Reduce Waste At The Design Stage?

VR technology can be a useful resource for reducing waste because it facilitates the visual communication of ideas effectively.

Workspace Design Show: How Can We Design Better Workspaces?

9 key takeaways from the Workspace Design Show on how to design better coworking spaces, featuring design experts from The Office Group, Oktra, and Co-Space.

Companies Are Moving To Offices That Align With Their ESG Goals

Over the last 12 months, corporate occupiers have become very focused on their ESG agenda – it’s mandated at a board level, it’s part of their business strategy, and more importantly, reporting has moved up a level.

The Future of Agile Workspace and Designing for Different Personality Types

Ted Moudis Associates' Diana Pisone and Perkins&Will 's Kelly McEachern discuss designing for multiple “personas” and how to accommodate different personality types.

Workplace Culture: Why Now Is The Time To Rethink Your Office

In a world where remote work is commonplace, is office culture still relevant?

What Is A “Well” Workspace And Why Does It Matter?

The wellness lens can be applied more widely to communities and the infrastructure that underpins them – including workspaces.

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