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Kimberly Richter

Born and raised in St. Louis, Kimberly follows her passion to experience the world every chance she gets. Studying abroad in Cuba, Japan, and Italy, as well as residing on both coasts, she has gained great appreciation for a variety of cultures and perspectives. Always finding the beauty in unique voices and modes of expression, she has sought out teachers and mentors in many disciplines who have heavily influenced her career path.  Now leading a multidisciplinary team of designers with projects that span all practice areas she continues to solve problems through the cross-pollination of influences. Kimberly’s design philosophy is inspired by how the complexity of multiple areas of expertise can arrive at one unified story. Her professional background in the film and entertainment industry blended with the architecture industry shape her foundational understanding of the way in which audiences connect to spatial narratives. These core values are evident in her process and her work.

Branded Environments and the Impact on Employee Mental Health

The pandemic has forced many of us to rethink health and wellness through the many facets of our lives. Perkins&Will's Kimberly Richter explores how branded environments within a corporate setting can benefit employees and their mental health.

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