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Larry Lander

Larry Lander is an architect and a pragmatic futurist, he has an innate ability to vividly portray possible futures that are rooted firmly in the present. As a Principal and PDR’s Director of Programming, he guides business leaders to ask more of their workplaces — to consider what is, what if, and why change? Larry's 30+-year career in workplace design is the foundation for his deep knowledge of effective work environments, and he has led teams in the design of new large-scale buildings, development of campuses, learning environments and corporate relocations.

Workplace Metrics and Data as We Return to Work

PDR's Larry Lander explores why old metrics may no longer serve as useful benchmarks as we return to work.

Workplace Design and Policy Impacts on Physical and Mental Health

PDR's Larry Lander shares an in-depth guide to creating designs and policies that positively impact employee physical and mental health. 

2022 Workplace Trends: Flexibility Is Paramount

Larry Lander of PDR Corp of explores why the 2022 workplace is now the new frontier for characterizing true flexibility.

Upending the Traditional Workplace Delivery Model: Enabling Real Flexibility

PDR's Larry Lander offers an in-depth guide to creating a flexible workplace that will serve the organization far into the future.

Bringing The Outdoors In And The Indoors Out

Larry Lander outlines three ways to effectively design outdoor spaces that create compelling workplaces and foster a sense of wellbeing.

Paradigm Shift Needed to Foster the New Creative Office

For those wishing to return to work this year, PDR's Larry Lander outlines how to foster the new creative office.

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