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Libby Sander


Designing for Chaos, Serendipity, and a Nobel Prize?

The character of creative work requires spaces that enable collaboration and participation. Emerging workplaces continue to evolve, where the place is seen as a backdrop to new ways of working and new ways of thinking.

What’s Next in the Sharing Economy?

The sharing economy and rise of collaborative consumption indeed have spawned businesses like Groupon, Zipcar, and Thredup. But policy makers, architects, and urban planners are still grappling with what this means for the future of residences, office buildings, public places, and the urban environment.

WORKTECH12: Melbourne Review

WORKTECH Melbourne was a great success and the addition of a workplace tour the next day to look inside at the likes of ANZ, NAB, Telstra, Isis, the Hub and the Department of Treasury and Finance was an excellent addition.

When Work isn’t Working

While many companies are espousing innovation and new ways of working, most organizations have failed to bring together the people and issues with the physical environment in a way that will allow them to remain relevant.

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