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Mardi Najafi

Mardi Najafi is the Director of Retail Design at Figure3, one of North America’s most prominent interior design firms. With a background as an industrial designer with experience in furniture design, exhibit design, and fashion runways, Mardi Najafi has been immersed in the world of retail design for 20+ years. Mardi is passionate about creating memories through unique moments and unexpected details. At Figure3, he is known for his ability is to bring a client’s brand vision to life and create innovative and transformative retail experiences. With endless valuable insight on the retail industry, and a firm believer in the value of sharing knowledge, Mardi has presented at various notable design conferences throughout Norther America, and has also spent 20 years as a professor in design. Mardi has worked on many notable award-winning projects for clients such as Telus, Surterra Wellness, and Penguin Shop.

How Retail Design Insights Will Inspire Workplace Design

Drawing on lessons from successful retail design practices, Figure3’s Mardi Najafi and Jillian Warren make the case for creating more memorable experiences in our offices to improve engagement and brand loyalty.

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