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Marie Puybaraud

Dr. Marie Puybaraud is the Global Head of Research for JLL Corporate Solutions and a recognized thought leader on the Future of Work and Human Experience with a significant track record of research on Corporate Real Estate, Facilities Management and Workplace industry futures, workplace innovation, technologies, and generational issues at work.

Shaping today’s workplace for the “high-performing” workplace of tomorrow 

COVID-19 has accelerated the future of work—opening bright new pathways to 2025 and beyond for workplace leaders ready for reinvention.

Forget FaceTime, Let’s Hear it for Face-to-Face Time  

JLL's Dr. Marie Puybaraud explains why human interaction matters more than ever in a digital era—and what you can do about it.

Driving Employee Purpose by Design

JLL's Dr. Marie Puybaraud shares five ways that a high-achieving workplace design can unlock a collective sense of purpose.

Why Real Estate and HR are Better Together

JLL's Dr. Marie Puybaraud breaks down the importance of the intersection of HR and CRE.

The Power of Trust

Surprising ways your office design shows you trust your employees

How to Build a Startup Culture in a Big Organization

JLL's Dr. Marie Puybaraud shares five ways to make like a small startup and master big ideas—and execution.

When the Workplace Feeds Happiness to Employees

Happy, yes; coincidence, no. How workplace design can drive happiness—and in turn productivity. https://player.vimeo.com/video/222007623 Designing heart and soul into an office may sound nebulous but bricks...

How May I Help You, Human?

How the workplace industry will embrace the cybortic world and compensate for the inevitable lack of face-to-face interaction.

Reality is Richer Than Your Screen

In our search for more authenticity in our way of living and working, the human-to-human interface is still crucial.

Learning from the Worst Workplaces Ever

Sometimes the worst workplaces can inspire the best design solutions.

Digital Natives: A Tech-Savvy Generation Enters the Workplace

Digital Natives have an inherent understanding of digital technologies, as they've been integrated into their lives since early childhood. They are part of a tech-savvy generation at the forefront of technological progress and want to be connected when they wish, from anywhere. Now graduated from secondary education, the first generation of Digital Natives is entering the working world and transforming it at a fast pace. Is the workplace ready to embrace this change?

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