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Mike Sayre

Mike is the Content Manager at PLASTARC. He believes that compelling communication can help people make sense of their world. A keen interest in technology and how it shapes our experiences fuel Mike's curiosity. Through thoughtfully-crafted writing and content strategy, he supports PLASTARC’s mission of spreading good ideas about workplace design and research.

Stretching the Boundaries of Workplace: Why Your Portfolio Needs More Elastic

PLASTARC's Melissa Marsh and Mike Sayre explore how the effects of COVID will shape portfolio strategy in the years to come.

Restrooms: At the Center of Public Health and User Experience

PLASTARC's Melissa Marsh and Mike Sayre explore how employers can move beyond thinking of office restrooms as necessities to add more value to the workplace experience.

Turning the Office Inside Out: Working Outside

Considering the challenges created by COVID-19, there is no better time than now to figure out how to start working outside.

Navigating Your Future Workplace Post COVID-19: A Roadmap

Here is a checklist to guide you in determining what needs to be in place as people return to the office.

Social Data Brings New Life to AI for Architecture

This is the third installment in a multiyear conversation about the evolving role of data and technology in creating more people-centric design.

People-Centric Change Management

PLASTARC explores how a push toward a more people-centric inclusive model of change is now shaping successful change management efforts.

PLASTARC’s top picks from ANFA 2018

Missed this year's this conference of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA)? Our friends at PLASTARC have got you covered with a recap of the September 20-22 event. 

Customer-First Design: Learning from Hospitality, Education, and Retail

While modern workplace environments have become highly specialized, should designers be looking for inspiration from successful organizations in other parts of the economy?

From Productivity to Performance

Productivity’s days are numbered. PLASTARC's Melissa Marsh and Mike Sayre explain why we need to shift how we measure success.

Corporations are (Their) People

PLASTARC explores how the A&D community, through policy and thoughtful design, can build workplaces and cultures that allow us to both do well and do good.

People First: Embracing Your Whole Self in the People-Centric Workplace

In an effort to support workplace wellness, we must encourage people to express their non-work selves to create people-centric workplaces. 

Emerging and Evolving Job Roles: Tech-enabled offices are fueling demand for new roles & skills

As technology trends drive major changes in the way we work, a variety of new jobs have appeared or taken on new depth.

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