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Parthajeet Sarma

Parthajeet is a workplace strategy and change management consultant, partnering with global clients to co-create future business scenarios by way of a deep understanding of work, workers and workplaces in the digital age. His work over two decades in this domain has resulted in a book titled 'The radically changing nature of Work, Workers & Workplaces." With an educational background in design and management, Parthajeet is also a Chevening scholar (Oxford University) for science & innovation.

Creating A Safe Return To Work: 3 Things NOT To Do

One size does not fit all. Parthajeet Sarma shares three things that organizations should NOT do as we make our return to work.

Why Co-Working Needs to Change to Co-Creation for Survival

Parthajeet Sarma argues that the future of co-working lies in a co-creation model where startup focused co-working centers begin to adopt best practices from collaborative working and incubation centers.

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