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Ram Srinivasan

Ram Srinivasan is an Executive Management Consultant, Future of Work Advisory Leader at JLL, and technologist. He advises Fortune 500 companies on the future of work strategy, digital transformation, and artificial intelligence strategy. Ram has built and led consulting teams across the Americas and Asia-Pacific regions. Ram is an MIT Alum, MIT Sloan School of Management ACE Program Graduate, chartered accountant, and company secretary. Ram is also 15X MIT Certified across a wide range of topics, including data science, AI, advanced machine learning techniques, extended/virtual reality, no code/low code AI.ML, and designing and building AI products and services.

The AI Talent Wars: Winning the Battle for the Best Minds

Want top AI talent? Ram Srinivasan, Future of Work Advisory Leader at JLL, talks about the escalating demand for AI expertise and what top AI professionals truly seek in their workplace experience.

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