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Rebecca Charbauski

Rebecca is the Senior Communications Specialist at Steelcase. She is an Emmy-winning journalist, reporting on global research impacting the places where people work, learn and heal. Over her career, Rebecca spent 17 years covering local and national news events on television and a variety of digital platforms. She directed a digital news group in Kansas City for three years before becoming news director in Grand Rapids, Michigan for more than five years. Prior to Steelcase, Rebecca worked with one of the four largest media groups in the United States to coordinate news coverage among 48 newsrooms from the east to west coast.

Designing Leadership Spaces for Hybrid Work

Rebecca Charbauski of Steelcase explores why it’s time to change executive leadership spaces to make hybrid work, work.

Back to the Office: Lessons Learned

Steelcase shares their tried and true three-phased approach to bringing people and energy back to work.

Designing Safe, Compelling Shared Spaces to Rekindle Our Love for the Office

How can our shared spaces evolve to keep the parts we love while also keeping us safe as we return to work?

Form and Function: The Formula For Designing Productive Shared Spaces

Steelcase's Rebecca Charbauski shares the formula for designing shared spaces where people can actually get real work done.

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