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Ricardo Chacon, MEng | WELL AP | Prosci® Change Practitioner

Workplace Strategist, M Moser Associates Ricardo, originally a Civil Engineer from Costa Rica, combines his passion for academic research, problem-solving and business development to challenge the status quo in the Corporate Real Estate industry. His strong academic foundations, a well-balanced rational and creative thinking, and international public speaking experience allow him to provide different perspectives grounded to the realities each project undertakes. He holds a Master’s Degree in International Construction and Project Management from Tsinghua University in Beijing and is currently a Workplace Strategist for MMoser Associates in Bangalore, India.

People-Side Factors of Success in a Workplace Transformation

Addressing the key change management success factors and considerations occupiers and project managers should have.

Measuring Office Space Utilization: Manual Counting or Occupancy Sensors?

The fundamental differences between manual counting and occupancy sensors and which is best for your needs.

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