iPad Furniture Finds to Turn Heads

This month, instead of sharing my latest finds in the app store, I thought WDM readers may like to see just how much impact new technology like the iPad is having — specifically in terms of the workplace and office furniture design.

First up, let’s kick the kiosk up a notch. Traditionally associated with retail demonstration environments, the kiosk has taken on a new sleek and minimal appearance, occupying even less valuable real estate than ever before.

2 Cool iPad Apps from Steelcase

With my new iPad2, I can spend hours just browsing the app store and choosing from the plethora of free apps made available for download.

Of course, I–â„¢ve been looking for great finds to share with our WDM readers and the wider A&D community, which is why I’m excited to have discovered two great apps by one of my favorite furniture manufacturers: Steelcase.

Yes You CAD!

For all you iPhone/iPod touch/iPad-toting designers out there, here are a few apps you might consider for your next project.