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Sandi Rudy

Sandi Rudy, RID, LEED ID+C | Sandi Rudy is an Associate at Cushing Terrell and the Regional Interior Design lead in the firm’s Austin office. She has worked with some of the world’s largest companies including Google, Facebook, Dell, and Apple, supporting their future-looking workplace designs for the past 16 years. Her passion for the human impact of the designed environment has influenced her thoughtful, sustainably minded approach to Interior Design and shaped interactions with owners and occupants. This passion extends beyond her work to not only mentoring and guiding coworkers, but also to educating the next generation of designers as a Lecturer in the Interior Design program at Texas State University.

Data-Informed Design for the User Experience at Work

With the right tools, metrics, and processes, Cushing Terrell's Sandi Rudy and Jennifer Moore share how we can develop a better user experience at work.

What Workplace Design Can Learn from Higher Education Facilities

When Students Become the Teachers: Sandi Rudy and James Foster of Cushing Terrell share how to get a passing grade in the workplace of the future. 

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