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Sara Agrest

Sara Agrest has over 24 years of experience in architecture, branded interiors, design strategy, and marketing. As a native New Yorker, Sara’s influenced by a rich and diverse blend of architecture. She has worked on projects like Equinox, The Scarsdale Public Library; Brooklyn College Feirsrein School of Cinema, The Joan H. and Preston Robert Tisch Center at Essex Crossing for NYU Langone, NY Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell. With an acute understanding of an environment's power to affect human experience and behavior; Sara’s expertise lies in her ability to holistically comprehend how users engage with their environments, leading design processes that are unique to her clients.

Designing a Workplace with an Authentic Connection to Brand Values

Spectorgroup's Sara Agrest explains how an honest connection to brand values benefits staff retention, recruitment, and the evolution of the workplace as a whole.

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