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Scott Delano

Scott Delano is a Chicago-based corporate interiors leader with 25 years of experience in planning, architecture and interiors. As Design Director, Scott is charged with leading, inspiring and growing the interiors practice of Wright Heerema Architects.

Destination Interiors Support Employees Equally, Wherever They May Be

Equitable office design supports remote and in-person work alike, driving a sense of belonging not only through COVID-19 and beyond.

Socially Activated Offices Are More Crucial In Suburbs Than Urban Centers

Socially activated offices have become a table-stakes expectation of today’s talent pool in major city centers. More recently, that expectation has spread to the surrounding suburbs.

Using Technology To Unlock New Rentable Square Feet In Historic Buildings

Scott Delano of Wright Heerema Architects walks us through how applying VR and 3D modeling technologies to a historic Chicago building allowed the design team to establish the feasibility of renovating the space for office use.

Office Design That Helps Employees Enjoy Their Stay

Scott Delano, Design Director at Wright Heerema Architects, explains how experience-centric spaces provide the platform for the modern office.

Addressing the Commoditization of Workspace

Scott Delano, design director at Wright Heerema Architects, believes that designers and architects need to be responsible for stopping the sameness that plagues office space design and offers several ways to create a space that is truly differentiated.

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