Global Total Office Debuts the Arti Chair

Global’s new office chair, the Arti, features our new patented flexible back support system. Arti offers a productive and comfortable, healthy back chair ready to support you through periods of prolonged sitting. Arti minimizes the possibility of resultant aches and pains with a chair back that freely moves with the user, providing excellent back support.

United Therapeutics Designs Urban Campus

Said Yuri Van Mierlo, manager corporate real estate at Unither, “We’ve experienced a 10-fold increase in inter-departmental interaction since the building opened. We highly value collaboration, and the new building provides intentional and coincidental opportunities to achieve just that.”

Have you been to the [email protected]?

\”“It–â„¢s becoming a –Ëœgo-to–â„¢ place,–  said Joel Smith, AIA and partner at Neumann/Smith, about Detroit’s new [email protected] Building. “People are asking, –ËœHave you been to the [email protected]?–™Â  I didn–â„¢t realize what an impact this has had on the city.   It has been a game-changer, with everybody wanting to experience it.– 

Three Coworking Apps for Social Souls

The momentum and interest in coworking seems to be increasing, which is phenomenal for full-time freelancers like me who love the home office but regularly miss the social aspect of the office-office.

As part of that movement, coworking apps that connect people to desks (and people to people!) are making their debuts seemingly every month. And even though Washington, DC, is still working to define its coworking spaces for entrepreneurs in the region, I know that at least three coworking apps — LooseCubes, DeskTimeApp, and (the forthcoming) SharedDesks — can help me expand my network and get new ideas when I’m traveling.

Faces: Meet Greg Tew

In the first of our series on people in our industry, we’re introducing you to Virginia Tech’s Greg Tew.

In his own words, Greg describes how he’s working to make an impact on the next generation of designers, dreamers, and employees.