Global Total Office Debuts the Arti Chair

Global’s new office chair, the Arti, features our new patented flexible back support system. Arti offers a productive and comfortable, healthy back chair ready to support you through periods of prolonged sitting. Arti minimizes the possibility of resultant aches and pains with a chair back that freely moves with the user, providing excellent back support.

United Therapeutics Designs Urban Campus

Said Yuri Van Mierlo, manager corporate real estate at Unither, “We’ve experienced a 10-fold increase in inter-departmental interaction since the building opened. We highly value collaboration, and the new building provides intentional and coincidental opportunities to achieve just that.”

Have you been to the [email protected]?

\”“It–â„¢s becoming a –Ëœgo-to–â„¢ place,–  said Joel Smith, AIA and partner at Neumann/Smith, about Detroit’s new [email protected] Building. “People are asking, –ËœHave you been to the [email protected]?–™Â  I didn–â„¢t realize what an impact this has had on the city.   It has been a game-changer, with everybody wanting to experience it.– 