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Steve Gale

As a workplace strategist, Steve helps to guide organisations with future-proofing their workplaces, optimise real estate, and manage change when they do things differently. His business school background sees workplace strategy as an instrument of the organisation, which is driven by people with their skills, activities and culture. All our projects, without exception, deliver change, so change management is a primary skill. Steve encourages contributions from people to their workplace design so they accept and understand the project when they occupy it. Steve writes regular and occasional columns on the workplace “It helps me sort out my thoughts”.

Creating Smarter Workplaces With ESG

M Moser's Steve Gale explores how to create smarter workplaces that can keep up with evolving ESG regulations.

Workplace Design Roles Are Evolving To Help Clients Find Their Way

M Moser's Steve Gale shares why the future of work may turn out to be different, and why we need new skills to design the next generation of workplaces.

2023 Trends: Let Data Light The Way 

M Moser's Steve Gale discusses how organizations can use data to build better, keep staff happy, and exploit the opportunities in ESG reporting.  

We Are All Change Managers Now

Steve Gale, Workplace Strategist at M Moser Associates, explores the current state of change management in the workplace industry.

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