Glass Enhances Workflow and Aesthetics

Sure, glass in the workplace may let in the natural light we need to be productive and appreciate the view outside. But beyond the windows themselves, glass today can be found in everything from computers and keyboards to entire office spaces themselves.

Why Telecommuting Jobs Will Increase

While we’ve seen growth in how many employees telecommute, this growth is likely set to continue to expand in dramatic fashion for several reasons that are all converging. Changes in technology, psychology, and the environment are going to spur more people to work at home on a more frequent basis in the coming years. Do not be surprised if we see a large shift towards telework sooner rather than later.

Designing Your Work Space for Productivity

Organizing a work space goes way back to the industrial revolution when managers were trying to find out how to make their workers more productive. Initially, the goal was to reduce injuries, but over the years we’ve learned that carefullyorganizing your work space can improve productivity (Resnick and Zanotti, 1998).