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Expert Insights

Redefining “Amenity”

Perkins&Will’s Mariana Giraldo explores how workplaces can become better neighbors to the communities they’re a part of.

Is the Metaverse the New Workplace of the Future?

Gensler's Jennifer Mejia explains how the metaverse will align with the new workplace experience. 

Workplace Acoustics: A Tool To Draw Employees Back To The Office

Steve Johnson shares how acoustics can underpin a strategy to get employees agreeably back to the office.

Commuting to the Metaverse: 3 Considerations for Designing a Virtual Office 

Regan Donoghue of Unispace shares three key things companies looking to create both physical and digital offices in the future should consider.

From Vacant to Vibrant: Activating Office Space at The Ground Plane

Colin Greene of Cooper Carry shares three ways that the design industry can work toward ensuring that an urban environment not only survives, but thrives.

Hybrid is Hard. Are Companies Ready for the New Role Demands?

FCA's Ann Hoffman and Rachel Howren explore how workplace roles are changing in response to hybrid work. 

AI And The Next Generation of Architecture

Michael Schroeder of SGA explores how AI will transform workplace architecture, design and construction.

Keep The Empathy And The Talent With Human-Centric Design

Cynthia Kantor of JLL Work Dynamics shares how leading companies are building resilience with workplaces designed for employee wellbeing.

Paving the Way for the Future of the Workplace with the Metaverse

Environments' Erin McDannald shares why expanding business into the metaverse is one of the most innovative ways to adapt within the hybrid work era.

Designing a Workplace with an Authentic Connection to Brand Values

Spectorgroup's Sara Agrest explains how an honest connection to brand values benefits staff retention, recruitment, and the evolution of the workplace as a whole.

What Can Workplace Design Practitioners Learn From Human Psychology?

Perkins&Will's Kim Rousseau takes a look at what today’s workplace design practitioners can learn from an 80-year-old theory of human psychology.

Redefining the Workplace for a Remote-First Workforce

Debra Breslow of Meyer Design shares how to blend remote-first and in-person collaboration in a way that supports employee health and workplace culture. 
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