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Industry News: Importance of Mural Painting in Workspaces

Mural painting can positively impact an organization’s overall culture, the AI interior design gold rush is on, and more news from around the web.

Industry News: The Changing Environment For Corporate Real Estate

Why CRE and FM teams need to work together, working from a local office will help drastically cut emissions, and more industry news.

Industry News: How to Work Toward Fair Textile Supply Chains

Where to start if you want to see more transparent textile supply chains, sustainability will continue to be the key focus in commercial interior design, and more.

Industry News: Baking Social Value into Commercial Real Estate

How organizations are beginning to use buildings to do good, the future of work isn't as remote as you might think, and more news.

Industry News: The R.T.O. Whisperers Have a Plan

How you can change employees' minds about RTO, four ways you can incorporate biophilia into the urban workplace, and more news.

Industry News: Will the Hybrid Office Ever Feel Like Home?

Employees may never have a desk that feels like ‘theirs’ again, employers should take individual workers’ personalities into account in workspace design + more.

Industry News: Psychology-Approved Design Strategies for Return-to-Work

How employers can create a favorable psychosocial environment, the role of a workplace designer has evolved to include vibe managers, and more news.

Industry News: 2023 Is The Year Of Third Space Working

Remote workers value third spaces, how insights from deaf and autistic communities could fix open offices, and more news.

Industry News: Should A Workplace Have A Soundtrack?

Why a future of soundscapes in offices could make us more creative and productive, lure workers back with quiet and privacy, and more news.

Industry News: Utilization Is The Most Used Office Performance Metric

Space utilization passes occupancy costs and employee engagement, what will make hybrid work stick, and more news from around the web.

Industry News: How Hybrid Work Is Changing Offices of the Future

The hybrid work innovations you’ll see in coming years, why first impressions are everything for an office space, and more news.

Industry News: Bring Employees Back With Creative Spaces And Quiet Zones

The push for nicer offices is becoming more about practical design solutions, why architecture students must understand the existing political, social, and economic systems, and more.
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