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A New Approach To Work: The Benefits Of Implementing Activity-Based Working In Your Office

Allwork.Space shares why both employees and employers would greatly benefit from a more comprehensive embrace of activity-based working.

Hybrid Work: It’s Not a Revolution, it’s a Revelation

Anna Grayhek of Hendy breaks down the hybrid work approach and how to make it work for your space.

Well, Fit and Feeling Young: Workplaces Get Active

By incorporating active design solutions into the office, employers can count on a bump in productivity, while employees get the quality-of-life enhancements they seek.

Hacks for Supporting the Untethered Employee

As more employers are beginning to allow their employees increased flexibility, Anna Grayhek and Drew Carter of H. Hendy Associates offer some strategies to help set up untethered employees for success.

How Where You Sit Can Drive Innovation, And Other Industry News

How work environments can influence behaviors that drive innovation, the trade-off companies all over North America are facing, and more!

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