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The Limits of Workplace Densification: How We’ve Moved Beyond Efficiency  

Ted Moudis Associates shares the results from their 2018 Workplace Report focused on the how and why we have reached the limit of densification.

Worlds Colliding: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

If work-life integration is the norm now, how do employees find the right balance and integrate their personal selves into their work? And how do companies promote that integration?

Three Keys to Digital Workplace Ecosystem Success

Peter Miscovich, Managing Director Strategy + Innovation at JLL explains how next-generation digital workplace ecosystems will place human engagement, technology, and agility first.

West Elm Workspace’s Retail Advantage

An interview with West Elm Workspace, the design pioneers who are featuring products that blur the lines between work and home.

Activity-Based Working & Wellness: The Human/Nature Side of the Popular Design Typology

Activity-based working (ABW) has positive impacts on the mental, physical, and social health of the workplace.

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