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agile environment

PDR’s Forward-Thinking Design Meets Needs of HP’s Changing Workforce

Having recently split with its sister company, HP Inc. partnered with PDR to design a new space that would reflect its future workplace, culture and history, and that of the Houston region.

Arper’s Cila Go is a Flexible Option for Today’s Agile Workplace

Arper's Cila Go chair can be easily rearranged and accommodate quick layout changes in high-traffic and communal areas. Make sure to check it out in person at NeoCon this June! 

How Coworking Spaces Affect Employees’ Professional Identities, and Other Industry News

How highly curated coworking cultures impact professional identities, workplace stress management strategies to create a stress-free work environment, and more news.

Hacks for Supporting the Untethered Employee

As more employers are beginning to allow their employees increased flexibility, Anna Grayhek and Drew Carter of H. Hendy Associates offer some strategies to help set up untethered employees for success.

Worlds Colliding: Bringing Your Whole Self to Work

If work-life integration is the norm now, how do employees find the right balance and integrate their personal selves into their work? And how do companies promote that integration?

Embracing Agility: New Skill Sets to Sustain Success

Agile work, the new approach to work, is placing new expectations on the workplace. These new ways of working require new skill sets to respond effectively, but what must we do differently?

Data and Design: Finding the Strategic Needle in an Overwhelming Haystack

When SmithGroup Chicago moved to a new office, they implemented new technology to evaluate the way space is used - a critical element to the success of an agile environment.  

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