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Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCRw

Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCRw Dr. Brower is a work environment sociologist and a Principal with the Applied Research + Consulting group at Steelcase. She is the author of The Secrets to Happiness at Work and also, Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work: A Guide for Leaders and Organizations, which focuses on work-life fulfillment. Tracy is a contributor for Forbes.com and Fast Company as well as an executive adviser for Coda Societies and for the MSU Professional Mathematics Program. Over her career, Tracy has had the opportunity to engage with a wide range of organizations including many of the Fortune 500. She is a three-time recipient of the CoreNet Luminary Award for speaking and a recipient of the University of Houston Alexander Real Estate Innovative Practices Award. Tracy has also taught university courses in management and organizational effectiveness. Tracy holds a PhD in the sociology of work as well as a Master of Management (MM) in organizational effectiveness and a Masters of Corporate Real Estate with workplace specialization (MCR.w). Tracy’s work has been featured in TEDx, The Wall Street Journal, Work-Life Balance in the 21st Century (book), Globe and Mail (Canada), InsideHR (Australia), HR Director (UK), T3N (Germany), Inc. Magazine, Real Estate Review Journal, Fortune.com, Inc. Magazine, and more. You can follow her on twitter @tracybrower108, on LinkedIn at Tracy Brower, PhD or at tracybrower.com.

How to Bring People Back to the Office So They Actually Want to Show Up

Tracy Brower of Steelcase explores how to successfully bring people back to the office through intentionality.

Work Better: Expanded Expectations for Wellbeing at Work

Great workplaces can support wellbeing in many ways. Steelcase's Tracy Brower shares a few options to consider as we return to work.

Why Coworking Is Still Relevant: Lessons for the Future of Work

Amid the shifts in the landscape of work and workplaces, lessons from coworking are important for how and where work will happen moving forward.

Brand and Culture: Why You Can’t Do One Without the Other

Steelcase's Tracy Brower shares that in order to be successful with branding and culture, you must be intentional and ensure alignment.

Change Management Fails: How to Avoid Change Management Mistakes

Steelcase's Dr Tracy Brower shares the change management mistakes we’re making as an industry and how can we support the process more effectively.

Creating a Data-Driven Work Experience: Myths and Realities

Steelcase's Tracy Brower presents seven myths about data and how to make better decisions by bringing more reality to the data-driven decision-making process. 

Avoid the Bait and Switch: How to Leverage Place in Attracting Top Talent

Great talent is in high demand. Everything counts in differentiating a company from its competitors and place is one of the most powerful levers it has. So, don’t fall into a bait and switch mentality.

Begin at the Beginning: How Surprises Shape Great Work Experiences

The new eyes and new perspectives of recent grads who have just entered the workforce can help us see work and work experience in new ways.

Burned Out or Fired Up: How to Create the Right Kind of Spark

By finding ways to reduce employee burnout, we are creating the conditions for its inverse – people who can bring their whole selves to work and who are motivated, engaged, and inspired.  

Embracing Agility: New Skill Sets to Sustain Success

Agile work, the new approach to work, is placing new expectations on the workplace. These new ways of working require new skill sets to respond effectively, but what must we do differently?

Big Data and Big Promise: How Not to Lose Sight of What Matters

Steelcase's Tracy Brower explains why we need both big and thick data to make good decisions when it comes to workplace design.

Inspiring Spaces to Boost Creative Confidence

As we enter a brand new era – a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ - Dr Tracy Brower explores the need for enhanced creative confidence.

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