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biophilic design

Net Positive Energy For People

Stantec's David Martin explores how the office could send us home energized and inspired. No place, perhaps, was quite so disrupted by the COVID 19...

Return to the Office Campus

FCA's Steven Stainbrook explains why it is time to return to the corporate campus—not the office. 

Industry News: Now Might Be the Best Time to Look for New Office Space

You'll need to move fast to get the new office space you want, many NYC companies are relocating to Brooklyn, and more news.

The Benefits of Biophilia, Access to the Outdoors in Today’s Work Environments

As more people are returning to the office, Gensler's Khoi Hoang shares how biophilic designs are becoming more and more central to office environments.

The Rise of Resimercial Design in the Workplace

Jeff Knoll of Ted Moudis Associates explores the importance of prioritizing resimercial design to adjust to rising expectations as we return to work. The term...

Industry News: Be Pillars of Support to Employees in Hybrid Work Environments

How HR will remain essential in the hybrid workplace, a self-driving office room, and more news from around the web.

The Escape From The Home Office

Stantec's Sara Dickinson shares why workplace amenities matter now more than ever.

Stimulating Biophilia Through Corporate Interior Design

With health being at the forefront of everyone’s agenda, biophilic design in workspaces should be prioritized above anything else.  

Promoting Workplace Health and Wellness with Mass Timber Design Elements

Erica Spiritos explores the health and wellness benefits of using mass timber in workplace design. 

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