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Creating a Data-Driven Work Experience: Myths and Realities

Steelcase's Tracy Brower presents seven myths about data and how to make better decisions by bringing more reality to the data-driven decision-making process. 

Avoid the Bait and Switch: How to Leverage Place in Attracting Top Talent

Great talent is in high demand. Everything counts in differentiating a company from its competitors and place is one of the most powerful levers it has. So, don’t fall into a bait and switch mentality.

Begin at the Beginning: How Surprises Shape Great Work Experiences

The new eyes and new perspectives of recent grads who have just entered the workforce can help us see work and work experience in new ways.

Embracing Agility: New Skill Sets to Sustain Success

Agile work, the new approach to work, is placing new expectations on the workplace. These new ways of working require new skill sets to respond effectively, but what must we do differently?

Big Data and Big Promise: How Not to Lose Sight of What Matters

Steelcase's Tracy Brower explains why we need both big and thick data to make good decisions when it comes to workplace design.

Inspiring Spaces to Boost Creative Confidence

As we enter a brand new era – a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ - Dr Tracy Brower explores the need for enhanced creative confidence.

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