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What Does the New Office Look Like in 2024?

Teknion's Steve Delfino foresees intentional reevaluations of office design to meet the needs of modern dynamic work environments.

Offices Gain Appeal Among Gen Z, Reshaping Work Norms

Gen Z is embracing in-office work seeking workplace amenities that cater to social interaction and physical/mental health.

How To Coax Millennials Into Returning to the Office

Come on back: Cushman & Wakefield's Bryan Berthold shares four ways to get Millennials back into the office and keep them engaged.

How Can Office Design Help To Rebuild Working Relationships?

The Perkins Eastman Design Strategy team explores how to rebuild workplace friendships with three ideas to foster rapport.

Addressing Imbalanced Space Utilization through Synchronicity and Purposeful Design

Erwin Chong of DBS shares how organizations can inject synchronicity into their workplaces to encourage in-person collaboration.

Need Higher Collaboration? Redefine Your Open Plan Spaces.

Hassan Shaikh shares how open plan spaces can be a valuable tool to help organisations promote team collaboration and increasing productivity.

Meeting Rooms Are In Demand As More Return To The Workplace

The latest data shows that meeting rooms are in high demand. Envoy's Jonathan Weindel gives us a closer look at what's going on.

Create Better Spaces To Work With Saltmine

Saltmine empowers enterprise companies to create better spaces where their employees love to work—no matter what their future holds.

What do employees really want when they return to the office? 

Collaboration space? More social areas? The number one desire might surprise you.

Returning to We from Me: Back to the Office with a Purpose of Place

Lisa Statkiewicz shares how the purpose of place can help bring employees back to the office post-pandemic.

Tour The Boston Dynamics Robotics Laboratory Designed By Bergmeyer

Bergmeyer created a new headquarters that tells the unique story of the Boston Dynamics family; robots included.

Industry News: Giving Employees Ownership of Their Return to the Office

How to help people feel more comfortable in your office space, why IT will play a critical role in the design of the post-pandemic office, and more news.

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