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community management

9 Things We’ve Learned from COVID (and Why it Was Good for Coworking)

GCUC coworking community founder and boss lady, Liz Elam provides advice and inspiration for all COVID was good for the GCUC world of coworking. I know,...

Interview With Ben Waber: Preserving Workplace Interactions in the Post-Pandemic Office

Bob Fox chats with competition juror and workplace analytics researcher and author, Ben Waber about the how workplace management will change post pandemic as we gear up for WDM’s The Next Work Environment Competition. 

Emerging and Evolving Job Roles: Tech-enabled offices are fueling demand for new roles & skills

As technology trends drive major changes in the way we work, a variety of new jobs have appeared or taken on new depth.

Is a Community Manager the Silver Bullet to Your Engagement Problem?

The value of community managers and how corporations can capture some of their magic.

Closing the Gap Between Facilities and Community Management

Two conferences in early June show that the workplace fields are careening closer and closer together.

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