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Would You Give Your Staff The ‘Immersive Treatment’?

Immersive technologies are finding their feet in the future of work. Tech writer Gemma Church explores how immersive technology is starting to impact the world of recruitment.

Industry News: 5 Ways to Rethink the Office Per NeoCon 2022

NeoCon 2022 trends that are reshaping the workspace, why biophilia has much more to offer workspaces, and more news from around the web.

Industry News: Healthy offices now a must-have for building owners

Building owners should invest in ways to improve the health of office spaces, don't force your employees back to the office, and more news from around the web.

What the Future of Technology in the Workplace Means for Office Design and Operations

What do you need to provide to entice employees to leave their home offices? Mara Hauser of Workplace Studio explores the importance of including easy access to technology. 

GCUC Coworking & Flexible Workspace Conference • Seattle IRL

Join GCUC for the largest Coworking & Flexible Workspace Conference IRL, May 17 - 19 in Seattle.

How To Design A Flexible Workspace That Supports Wellness

Wellness is “front and centre” of the flexible work ecosystem’s consciousness right now. Allwork.Space explores why it's important and how to achieve it.

Industry News: What’s the Optimal Workplace for Your Organization?

How to determine the best work environment option for your organization, all about a biophilic high-rise design, and more news.

Industry News: What Can Nike And Adidas Teach Us About Designing Active Workplaces?

A masterclass in creating active workplaces, all about mobile apps for office buildings and more news from around the web.

Sustainable Practices Pay Off. Here’s How Coworking Spaces Can Become More Sustainable

Allwork.Space shares strategies to make coworking spaces more sustainable including the use of solar panels, recycling, and curbing office equipment consumption.  

2022 Workplace Trends: Coworking Megatrends

GCUC's Liz Elam shares the coworking trends that she sees coming in 2022.

Industry News: How Leaders Plan to Make Coworking Spaces More Inclusive

How leaders are making coworking spaces more inclusive, very few Manhattan office workers are back at their desks, and more news.

Industry News: What Corporate Offices Can Learn From The Coworking Boom

Coworking spaces are clearly doing something right, how workspaces and furniture can fuel creativity and innovation, and more news.

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