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Designing For Neurodiversity

Designing to Support Neurodiversity in a Post-Pandemic World

Elsy Studios' Juliana Rini shares seven opportunities to consider when designing a positive experience for neurodivergent employees.

Neurodiversity in the Workplace is Redefining How Companies Operate

RSP designer Kelsey Sullivan NCIDQ, WELL AP, IIDA explains how and why employers are accommodating and celebrating neurodiversity in the workplace, making work life better for everyone.  

There is No “One Size Fits All” Solution to Design

Erica Fitts of FCA explores how offering choice and variety in an office plan can help all employees feel welcome.

Three Keys for Designing Inclusive Workspaces

Perkins&Will's Helen Schneider and Jaclyn Guasco share three considerations for designers to keep in mind as they create inclusive spaces.

Understanding Whole-Brain Design

Terri Zborowsky, Julie Mendoza-Lollar, and Heather Bachman of HGA share why designing for neurodiversity starts with understanding how people with different ways of thinking can feel comfortable in the workplace.

2023 Trends: Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Perkins&Will's Julie Gauthier explores how designing for neurodiversity can attract and maintain talent, build stronger teams, and develop a competitive edge.

2023 Trends: Accessible And Inclusive Design

Cristina Ziegler of Gensler takes a look at how designers can play a vital role in creating spaces that are welcoming of all people and all abilities.

Creating Spaces For Everybody: The Key To Designing With Neurodiversity In Mind

Designing office spaces that cater to everyone is complex. Tash Hewlett of Peldon Rose explores the limitless benefits for both employees and businesses when workplaces put people first.

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