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digital nomads

Industry News: What We Can Learn From The Agility Of Coworking Spaces

What can we learn from the coworking industry, are empty downtowns here to stay, and more industry news.

Meet the ‘Lomads’: They’re Local, Flexible, and They’re Coming to a Coworking Space Near You

Flexible hybrid work is giving rise to ‘lomads’ (local nomads) – a group of people who have the option to work across multiple locations...

Digital Nomads Influencing Design: From Empty Lobbies to Community Hubs

As our spaces continue to adapt to our future needs, we’ll likely see more collaborative, communal zones where people can relax, shop, and work.

Product Roundup: Top 10 Backpacks for the Remote Worker

Staying organized and comfortable while on-the-go isn't always easy. WDM has curated the best backpacks for the working individual.

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