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The Fundamental Need For Office Space Has Nothing To Do With Trends

Bob Fox shares why it is important to focus on purpose, leadership, people, and what makes each organization unique as designers begin return to work plans for clients.

Open Offices: One Size Does Not Fit All

With much of recent press focused on the open office debate, Work Design Magazine Publisher, Bob Fox, shares his thoughts on the topic.

The Hidden Costs of Open Ceilings

Many decision-makers assume open ceilings are less expensive than drop ceiling, but do those assumptions play out in reality?

Being Green Has its Benefits, but Can it Also Boost Productivity?

Creating a greener workplace may be good for the planet and reducing energy costs, but it’s not always a win for employees. Consider this:...

High Design Meets High Efficiency in an NYC Redesign

If office design is a function of staff profile, then the employees who work here are sleek, stylish, focused yet community minded, and prize...

Data-Driven Design for the Modern Workplace

With Serraview's technology, offices are empowered to make informed, data-driven decisions. Plus this company helps office design keep up with changes.

Agile Workplace Conference (AWC) – Washington, DC

The 6th Annual Agile Workplace Conference is back in Washington, DC! Presented by Innovation comes in many forms, especially within the context of the evolving workplace....

Five Reasons People are More Important Than Buildings

The word "office" doesn't mean what it used to. Here are five reasons that it should be more about the people than the place.

A Bean Counter Tallies Soft Metrics at CBRE’s New Global HQ

Management at CBRE’s new downtown LA HQ was initially leery of changing their workplace. Six months in, their deputy CFO sees that the value extends far beyond the numbers.

A Look Inside Richemont’s Italian HQ

The design team worked hard to communicate efficiency rather than luxury for Richemont, a group that represents some of the world’s most recognizable luxury brands.

What it Takes to Move a Law Firm, Part I

Two major law firms face the challenges of moving into new buildings that will better serve their business, workplace, and brand.

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