Data-Driven Design for the Modern Workplace

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Serraview was founded on a disruptive idea: to empower corporate real estate executives to drive strategic value for their business.

Image courtesy of Serraview.
Image courtesy of Serraview.

How does the Serraview solution impact the workplace?
provides detailed insights on what’s happening in the workplace on a continual basis. The data highlights opportunities for improvement and the tools enable corporate real estate teams to drive both operational and strategic transformations that reduce costs and increase employee productivity.

Data that was previously segregated and difficult to analyze (or even unavailable) is brought together in ways that are meaningful to business leaders. Outdated and cumbersome data collection mechanisms like floor audits, Excel spreadsheets and stack plans drawn up with post-it-notes are replaced with intuitive drag-and-drop tools that allow space planners and designers to both see the current building utilization and model out the future. Reports and interactive tools provide the talking-points that facilitate effective conversations with the business and rapidly adapt the plans based on their feedback.

Furthermore, Serraview leverages everything it knows about the workplace and the workforce to enable employees to better interact with their spaces. Using the workplace app and touch-screen kiosks, employees can quickly find the conference rooms their looking for, where their colleagues may be, or even a free space to work for the day. This saves both time and frustration.

The positive impact brought to the workplace by data-driven decisions and wayfinding tools provides a platform for innovation and collaboration across all business units in the workplace (including their own). CRE teams are able to analyze the data, enable transformation with confidence, and create their modern workplace, while employees better utilize the space and resources in the workplace.

How does the product contribute to “new ways of working”?
At Serraview, we see that the workforce and technology has evolved, but traditional office space design and management practices have somewhat fallen behind the times. Office space is no longer a place for employees to go for 8 hours a day, check items off their to-do list in the solitary confinement of their cubicle, and go home. Rather, it has become or needs to become a strategic asset that empowers employees to be their very best.

We see the hallmarks of the “new ways of working” as employee wellness, flexibility, collaboration, and increased productivity and innovations. The Serraview solution supports these activities through the use of business unit neighborhoods and adjacencies that facilitate their employee’s needs to collaborate with co-workers. Flexibility is an attribute for the workforce and the workplace. The workforce is becoming more flexible in how they work, employees are using several types of workspace to accomplish tasks, taking advantage of bring-your-own-device programs, or possibly working from home one or two days a week when needed. Therefore, the workplace must become more flexible in accommodating the new ways of working for employees. Understanding utilization, employee satisfaction, business goals, and work patterns all contribute to the flexibility in the modern workplace.

Additionally, we find the demand for real-time location of both people and resources is driving the need for smart buildings. Serraview allows employees to not only locate and book a free desk or conference room but locate co-workers as well. Making it easy for employees to find the resources they need provides more time for productivity.

Video: How Can Wayfinding Technology Shape Employee Experience?

Can you tell a story or give an example of a client who has used the product effectively? Please include any outcomes or data.
Over the last five years, workplace transformation has been the main focus for the corporate real estate team at Suncorp. They implemented Serraview’s space management and optimization solutions across their whole portfolio that uses various utilization and data collection methods as well as occupancy reporting from business unit leaders.

At Suncorp it is a priority to create and follow an in-depth change management strategy to ensure a successful cultural change. Another major focus/initiative was to make smart investments in technology.

Serraview’s solution was a key contributor in the workplace transformation implementation. The solution enabled Suncorp to understand their space utilization and design neighborhoods with the right seating ratios to create an efficient and effective workplace. The Serraview solution also provided wayfinding tools that improved the employee experiences in the space. Beyond the cost savings, Suncorp wanted agile working space to function as a business enabler and help attract and retain talent. Through this process Suncorp achieved:

  • 10% increase in productivity
  • Increased space utilization from 50% to 92% over a three year period
  • Reduced real estate footprint by 54% over five years
  • Saved $30 million year on year for three years
  • 10% reduction in voluntary employee turnover
  • 4X increase in job applicants
  • 89% of employees recommend their new workplace

Who developed and designed the product?
The product was originally designed by Alex Birch, Stephen Macnee, Ian Morley and Benjamin Tolmie. Today a team of international engineers and product owners continue to foster its development and innovation in conjunction with our user community and partners.

What was the inspiration behind the product?
During their time as consultants at National Australia Bank (NAB), our co-founders saw inefficiencies in the corporate real estate team and how they managed moves, people and their transition to the modern workplace. Serraview’s co-founders were inspired to build a technology solution that would support NAB in those efforts. A key ask from their sponsor at the time was “build me something that will help me get a seat at the strategic table.”

After successfully implementing the solution at NAB, our co-founders saw the significant impact it had on the CRE team, employees, and the workplace. They continued to build out the product, with the end-user in mind, to create an intuitive solution that enables change to create modern workplaces that are good for business and great for people.

When was the product introduced?
The product was introduced in 2006.

What do you think our readers will love about the product?
Serraview was designed with business users in mind. This means that it is easy to understand, approachable and allows people to quickly get their job done and collaborate with others. Our favorite product demos are the ones where people ask “where were you 3 months ago?”

The solution also provides them with insights they wouldn’t otherwise have known about –making data available and actionable.

A screenshot of Serraview's interactive Visual Block & Stack. Image courtesy of Serraview.
A screenshot of Serraview’s interactive Visual Block & Stack. Image courtesy of Serraview.

What is the pricing structure for the program?
We use a monthly subscription model based on the number of desks managed in the system.

Frequently Asked Questions by Serraview Clients

VIDEO: How To Create a Stacking Plan to Right-Size Office Space

Anything else notable about the product that we ought to know?

  • Serraview can deliver immensely high ROI, upwards of 50X, with savings in the millions.
  • Serraview can integrate with other systems such as an existing IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) or utilization and occupancy sensors.
  • Serraview has quick implementation and time to value.

Will you be exhibiting anytime soon? If so, where and when?
We have an upcoming presentation at Future Offices NYC in January. More details to come.

Where else can we find out more about Serraview?
Twitter: (@Serraview)
Hashtags: #AskSerraview

This post was sponsored by Serraview.

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