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Experiential design

What The Workplace Can Learn From Taylor Swift And U2

Downstream's David Waingarten discusses three key takeaways the built environment can learn from event experiences, like a Taylor Swift or U2 concert.  The experience economy is...

Part 2: Promote the Value of the Office to Nurture Connections and Interactions

Part 2 explores the importance of social cohesion to nurture and foster connections and authentic interactions.

2023 Trends: Marrying Office Technology and Design Thoughtfully

In the coming year, designers will be more intentional in their use of technology in office design, says John Rothenberg of SOSO.

Industry News: What does it mean to design the workplace as an experience?

Why we need to design the workplace as an experience, promoting circular design and sustainable furniture in the workplace, and more news.

Uber’s Interactive Lobby Space By HUSH Displays The Power of Art And Design

The Stream at Uber's HQ by HUSH is an interactive light display lobby space designed to positively impact employee morale.

Drivers of Emotions and Experiential Space Design

Experiential design that has accurately captured the cultural, social, and behavioral characteristics of the people using the space can improve work, life, and engagement.

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