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The World is Round, and Why The Workplace Should Be Too

Can developing spaces and furnishings dominated by curved contours improve the emotional well-being of a building’s occupants?

Multi-Sensory Resimercial Design Combines the Best of Both Worlds

“Resimercial” design has become increasingly popular in recent years. While we can’t expect that our offices will ever feel quite like home, we can do our best to make them more comfortable, a key component of both happiness and health.

Industry News About the Secrets to Happier Workplaces

Our weekly roundup of happy workplace news from around the web. Continuing with September's theme of Happiness in the Workplace, this week's articles focus on...

How Instagram is Influencing Design, that Google Memo and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of industry news includes Instagram's impact on how we design spaces, that Google memo and other news from around the web.

Increasing Happiness and Productivity, and Other Industry News

Our weekly roundup of workplace news from around the web Microsoft's Workplace Analytics, tools to give employers a sense of their workforce's engagement and...

A Bean Counter Tallies Soft Metrics at CBRE’s New Global HQ

Management at CBRE’s new downtown LA HQ was initially leery of changing their workplace. Six months in, their deputy CFO sees that the value extends far beyond the numbers.

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