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Industry News: How hybrid work is revolutionizing the physical office

Hybrid work is revolutionizing the physical office, coworking space has led to more innovation for tech startups, and more news.

Industry News: Hotels’ Investments In Coworking Amenities Are Paying Off

Hotels are seeing coworking investments pay off, an adaptive reuse project in Austin that transforms a warehouse site into an indoor-outdoor space, and more.

Five Culture Trends That Will Dominate in 2020, And Other Industry News

A research-backed list of culture trend predictions for 2020, a look at TikTok's new LA offices, and more news from around the web.

Why HR Should Dabble in Color Theory, and Other Industry News

Why now is the time for HR to consider color, hospitality brands are exploring how shared work spaces might strengthen community ties and bring in additional revenue, and more news.

Are You Coworking the Right Way? …and Other Industry News

How to embrace the new ‘rules’ or tenets for coworking, high-design hotels are now becoming quite the hotspot for the freelancing force, and more news.

Hotel & Coworking Space: The Future of Hospitality, and Other Industry News

The rise of coworking spaces in hotels as work becomes more flexible, the city of Atlanta is transforming into a showcase for biophilic design, and more news.

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