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Design for Human Aspirations

Shive-Hattery’s Michelle Jones shares five human aspirations to consider for multigenerational workplaces.

Navigating The AI Wave And The Impact In The 2024 Workplace

Time for Trends & Predictions! JLL's Kari Smith Forecasts the Rise of Generative AI in the 2024 Workplace and three guardrails for success.

Less Bad is Not Good Enough: the Circular Economy and Office Furniture • Chicago Recap

In this interactive conversation, panelists and attendees explored office furniture from a circular economy (CE) perspective

Industry News: Culture Hacks to Improve Hybrid Work

How leaders can help to improve efficiencies and support culture, why the UK's return-to-office push has paid off, and more news.

Industry News: Employers and Staff Seek Truce on Office Working

How more companies are moving to flexible models, AI is emerging as a powerful tool in redefining workplace design, and more news.

Gen Z’s Impact on the Workplace: Tech-Enabled and Collaborative

JLL's Sanjay Rishi takes a look at how meeting Gen Z's social and digital-first needs will bring value to the workplace.

Keep The Empathy And The Talent With Human-Centric Design

Cynthia Kantor of JLL Work Dynamics shares how leading companies are building resilience with workplaces designed for employee wellbeing.

3 Steps To Build A Three-Dimensional Hybrid Workplace

When implementing modern tools for a hybrid workplace, policies should be established to cover who has access to the metaverse, how it will be used and the type of data collected.

2023 Trends: The Regenerative Workplace

During 2023, JLL's Peter Miscovich says leading organizations will embrace a powerful, refreshing new concept: the Regenerative Workplace.

Take A Tour Of JLL’s Minneapolis Offices Designed By NELSON Worldwide

JLL’s new Downtown Minneapolis office by NELSON Worldwide features stellar views and hidden brand moments.

Power to the People: The Human-Centric Workplace

JLL Consulting's Peter Miscovich explores how to create successful human-centric hybrid workplace programs.

Industry News: Breaking Down the Architecture Of Haunted Houses

The architecture and design details of haunted houses from 5 classic films, office amenities that will make employees want to return, and more.

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