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Evolve or Perish: Data-Driven Design Tools are Changing the Game

Why the A&D community needs to embrace new technology to continue to employ data as a key component to design.

Proceed With Caution: A Clear Understanding Of Where You Are Headed And Why

Excerpts from HOK’s upcoming whitepaper “Tech Workplace: From Frontier to Center Stage.” An investigation of the forces reshaping the tech industry and how workplace design can position companies for success.

Why Measuring the Human Condition Results in Better Space Design

The most successful workplace designs are ones that have been developed with a strong and comprehensive people strategy as a foundation.

PLASTARC’s top picks from ANFA 2018

Missed this year's this conference of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA)? Our friends at PLASTARC have got you covered with a recap of the September 20-22 event. 

From Productivity to Performance

Productivity’s days are numbered. PLASTARC's Melissa Marsh and Mike Sayre explain why we need to shift how we measure success.

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